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Vladimir Putin says Russia is 'ready' for nuclear war


Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, issued a warning to the West on Wednesday, stating that his country is prepared for a nuclear conflict. He also mentioned that the deployment of U.S. troops to Ukraine would be viewed as a significant escalation of the ongoing conflict.

Putin stated to state media Rossiya-1 television and news agency RIA that from a military-technical perspective, they are prepared when questioned about the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

The Russian president emphasised that any deployment of troops to Ukraine or on Russian territory would be seen by Moscow as interference in the conflict, stating that the U.S. is aware of this position. He emphasised the importance of exercising "strategic restraint."

Following the Pentagon's announcement on Tuesday, comments were made regarding the decision to send around $300 million in weapons to Ukraine for its conflict with Russia.

Putin mentioned that he was not in a hurry to resort to nuclear weapons and did not see their use in Ukraine as essential.

"I do not believe that everything is heading towards a nuclear confrontation, but we are prepared for it," he stated.

Putin has repeatedly cautioned that the West faces the threat of a nuclear conflict if it deploys troops to combat in Ukraine following Russia's invasion over two years ago.

Putin detailed the potential use of nuclear weapons as outlined in the Kremlin's nuclear doctrine on Wednesday.

Putin emphasised that weapons are used for their intended purpose. "We adhere to our own set of principles."

In an interview on Wednesday, Putin stated that Russia might conduct tests if the U.S. conducted nuclear tests.

The individual mentioned that taking action immediately may not be necessary but emphasised the importance of considering it. Additionally, they should have considered implementing the same approach.

According to the Russian leader, Russia has not found it necessary to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine since the war started.

What is the necessity behind utilising weapons of mass destruction? According to Putin, there has never been such a need.

Putin proposed a ceasefire in Ukraine to temporarily halt the conflict, but the U.S. turned it down after discussions with intermediaries.

On Wednesday, the Russian president emphasised Russia's readiness to participate in substantial discussions concerning Ukraine.

The speaker emphasised Russia's readiness for negotiations on Ukraine, emphasising the importance of basing them on reality.

Russia and the U.S. are the two dominant nuclear powers globally, collectively overseeing over 90% of the world's nuclear arsenal.

Despite Western leaders' promises of defeating Russia in Ukraine, Russian forces still maintain control over almost one-fifth of Ukrainian territory.

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