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Ukraine withdraws the troops from the key city of Avdivka


Ukraine withdraws the troops from the key city of Avdivka.


Russia gains a symbolic triumph after Kyiv's summer counter-offensive failed.


Ukraine removed its troops from the beleaguered eastern stronghold of Avdiivka to protect the lives of its soldiers, according to Volodymyr Zelensky.


Ukrainian forces retreated due to ammunition shortages and being outnumbered on the battlefield, resulting in Russia's significant win.


Mr. Zelensky emphasized that saving their people is their priority. To prevent encirclement, the decision was made to retreat to different positions. This does not imply that anybody withdrew a few kilometers and Russia seized anything; it did not take anything.


Russian forces increased their efforts to take the eastern industrial powerhouse in October, leading to the recent pullout.


There have been reports of extensive losses and damage in the following months. Additionally, a group of Ukrainian soldiers were taken captive during the retreat, as stated by various military authorities.


Oleksandr Syrsky, the newly appointed commander-in-chief, made the first significant decision to replace ValeryiZaluzhnyi, his popular predecessor, who was removed in early February.


Mr. Syrsky stated that he chose to remove their soldiers from the city and transition to a defensive position on more advantageous lines, emphasizing the utmost importance of the lives of armed people.


Ukraine is experiencing increasing tensions in the eastern region due to a lack of ammunition, as a $60 billion US military aid package is now delayed in Washington.


According to a Ukrainian serviceman stationed on the eastern front line, the decision to withdraw was deemed appropriate due to the insufficient weaponry and artillery rounds. The primary concern was to preserve the soldiers' lives to ensure that there were still personnel available for combat in the future.


He stated that if we continue to lose territory, we will ultimately be defeated in this conflict.


Avdiivka is located in the Donetsk area of Ukraine, which the Kremlin has asserted as part of Russia following a 2022 takeover. Before the invasion, the city had approximately 30,000 residents. However, less than 1,000 people presently reside there due to extensive destruction.


In July 2014, the city was briefly under the influence of pro-Russian separatists but was later reclaimed by Ukrainian forces. Despite being close to the separatist stronghold Donetsk, the city has remained under Ukrainian control.


The conflict for Avdiivka, located fewer than 10 km north of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk, has been one of the most violent battles in the nearly two-year war.


Reporters in the vicinity witnessed Ukrainian soldiers constructing further defensive fortifications using shovels and construction tools.

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