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Palestine state recognised by Ireland, Norway, and Spain

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Ireland, Norway, and Spain have officially recognised a Palestinian state, effective 28 May. 

Spain and Ireland made it clear that their decision was not biased towards Israel or in favour of Hamas. Instead, they portrayed it as a demonstration of support for peace.

Israel has voiced its concerns, warning that this move could potentially escalate tensions in the region. In response, Israel has chosen to recall its ambassadors from all three countries implicated.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have both given their approval to the recognition.

On Wednesday, Norway made its announcement coordinated with two other countries.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, in his address, voiced his support for the moderate forces experiencing setbacks in a protracted and violent conflict.

"This investment is being hailed as a potential catalyst for long-term peace in the Middle East," he emphasised, referencing the extensively debated concept of a "two-state solution" that envisions the peaceful coexistence of an Israeli and a Palestinian state."

Following that, Ireland and Spain implemented comparable measures.

Micheál Martin, the Irish Foreign Minister, made a strong statement today, emphasising the importance of equal entitlement to security, dignity, and self-determination for both the Palestinian and Israeli populations. 


According to Prime Minister Simon Harris, Hamas does not speak for the Palestinian people.

The speaker believes that recognising Palestine will contribute to a peaceful future.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez reiterated Mr. Harris's remarks, emphasising that the decision was not aimed at Israel or the Jewish community.

There have been allegations suggesting a lack of support for Hamas. "The intention behind this recognition is to foster peace and coexistence without singling out specific individuals."

Israel expressed a vehement response to the announcements. Israel Katz, the Foreign Minister, has made a significant announcement regarding the return of Israeli ambassadors to three countries. He has instructed them to come back promptly for "consultations."

"Israel is determined to address this issue and will not stay quiet - there will be notable consequences," he declared.

Mr. Katz has announced that the ambassadors of the three countries in Israel will be summoned for talks regarding reprimands. According to reports, a video allegedly depicting the abduction of female Israeli soldiers on 7 October will be shown to them.

An illustrative portrayal of the Palestinian territories

Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza and currently engaged in a conflict with Israel, claimed that the recent announcements made on Wednesday would have a profound impact on the global perspective of the Palestinian issue.

Bassem Naim, a senior Hamas figure, attributes the recent action to the courageous resistance displayed by the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), which governs parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, expressed gratitude for the backing received from Norway, Spain, and Ireland. Many view this support as a crucial milestone in pursuing justice for the Palestinian people. 


The issue of Palestinian statehood has garnered significant attention from the international community for an extended period.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has restated his opposition to the proposed plan in the wake of the 7 October attacks. He has expressed concerns about the potential impact on Israel's security if a Palestinian state were to be established.

The foreign ministry of Israel recently took to social media to voice their concerns regarding the potential consequences of recognising a Palestinian state. The ministry has warned that if such recognition occurs, it could lead to a rise in terrorism, instability in the region, and a jeopardised peace process.

On 7 October, a tragic incident unfolded as a devastating series of attacks claimed the lives of an astounding 1,200 individuals. A group of armed individuals believed to be members of Hamas made a forceful entry into Israel, causing widespread destruction in their path. A total of 252 individuals were reportedly taken hostage and transported back to Gaza. 


According to the health ministry operated by Hamas, the Gaza offensive conducted by Israel has reportedly led to the deaths of more than 35,000 people, with a significant number of them being civilians.

Many countries around the world recognise Palestine as a state. A recent development has seen a notable majority of the United Nations General Assembly, with 143 out of 193 members voicing their support for Palestine's inclusion in the UN. It is essential to highlight that this privilege is usually only granted to states.

Before Wednesday's announcements, only nine European countries had shown their support for Palestinian statehood. Most countries made this decision in 1988 when they were part of the Soviet bloc.

Several European countries and the United States believe that recognition should only be given within the framework of a comprehensive two-state solution to the conflict.

Slovenia and Malta have recently made statements indicating their consideration of extending formal recognition. 


In a statement on Wednesday, the prime minister of Norway conveyed hope, suggesting that the three countries' recent recognition of Palestinian statehood has the potential to invigorate the peace talks.

Progress in the negotiations in Cairo, aimed at reaching a truce and securing the release of additional hostages, has reached a standstill.

Amidst the ongoing crisis in Gaza, humanitarian conditions continue to deteriorate, painting a bleak picture of the situation. According to a recent report from the United Nations, food delivery in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza has ceased. The suspension is believed to result from limited supplies and the current state of insecurity in the area.

In a bold and noteworthy move, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has taken a significant step by applying for arrest warrants for Mr. Netanyahu and Hamas's leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. They are facing charges that are connected to alleged war crimes. Israel and Hamas have both publicly criticised the decision.

Israel maintains that a military operation in Rafah is crucial in its efforts to eliminate Hamas. At the same time, the international community advises against it, expressing concerns that such an operation could further exacerbate the already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. 

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