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Missile hits Yemen Oil tanker

by Reporter - May 19 88 Views 0 Comment

An oil tanker belonging to Greece was struck by a missile off the coast of Yemen on Thursday. The attack, carried out by rebels supported by Iran, caused damage to the vessel but fortunately, no casualties were reported, according to US Central Command.

"According to a statement from CENTCOM on social media site X, at around 1 am (Sanaa time) on May 18, an anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) was launched by Iranian-backed Huthis into the Red Sea, successfully hitting M/T Wind, an oil tanker owned and operated by a Greek company and flagged under Panama."

The ship was leaving for China, it added, having just docked in Russia.

According to CENTCOM, the attack led to flooding that caused the loss of propulsion and steering.

A ship from the international coalition responded to the incident in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, but no assistance was required, according to reports.

The ship eventually continued on its intended path using its own propulsion.

In a recent development, Ambrey, a maritime security firm, has reported an attack that occurred near the coast of Mokha, a city in southwestern Yemen. This incident took place in close proximity to the strategically significant Bab al-Mandeb strait.

According to the UKMTO, the maritime security agency of the British navy, a report has been received regarding a vessel that suffered minor damage from an unidentified object.

"According to United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, the vessel and crew are reported to be safe and are currently en route to their next port of call."

The incident reportedly took place approximately 98 nautical miles (180 kilometres) to the south of the Yemeni port of Hodeidah, which is currently under rebel control.

In a series of attacks since November, the Huthis, who hold significant control over Yemen, have targeted numerous vessels in the Red Sea and its surrounding areas. According to the Huthis, these attacks are a show of support for the Palestinians in the conflict-ridden Gaza region.


Following the attacks, British forces have responded with reprisal strikes, leading to the establishment of an international coalition aimed at safeguarding shipping in the region.

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