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Israel kills 21 Gaza aid seekers in ‘Massacre’


Palestinian officials say the latest attack was 'premeditated' as humanitarian aid seekers are targeted.

According to government officials, a tragic incident unfolded in Gaza City, where Israeli forces allegedly fired upon a crowd of thousands of people who were waiting for aid. This unfortunate event resulted in the loss of at least 21 Palestinian lives. It is worth noting that this area had already been targeted earlier in the day.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has characterized the attack on Thursday as a "new, premeditated massacre," with over 150 individuals reported as wounded.

According to witnesses, Israeli forces reportedly employed helicopters, tanks, and drones to target a large group of individuals who were waiting for food trucks.

In a disturbing trend, individuals who are in dire need of food and other essential supplies have fallen victim to a series of attacks. These incidents have occurred amidst ongoing efforts by Israel to impede and tightly regulate the delivery of aid to the enclave.

On Thursday, a tragic incident unfolded at the food distribution point near the Kuwait Roundabout. Israeli forces opened fire, resulting in the loss of lives of at least six Palestinians. This unfortunate event adds to the growing death toll, which now surpasses 400 people in similar attacks.

According to the media office of the enclave's government, the Gaza Strip has witnessed a series of devastating attacks on aid distribution centres in the last 48 hours. These attacks, carried out by the Israeli military, have resulted in the loss of 56 lives and left over 300 people injured.

In a statement on Telegram, it expressed its belief that the crime of genocide should be attributed to the US administration, the international community, and the 'Israeli' occupation.

The Israeli military refuted allegations of opening fire on the crowds, asserting that the attack was carried out by "armed Palestinians."

According to a statement released by the military on Friday, a group of armed individuals in Gaza City opened fire on Thursday. At the same time, civilians were gathered, waiting for the aid convoy to arrive. The shooting reportedly continued as the crowd of Gaza’s began looting the trucks.

"Moreover, several civilians in Gaza were tragically struck by the trucks," the statement reported. It further stated that an initial investigation concluded that the attack was not conducted by using tanks, firearms, or airstrikes by its forces.

The military stated that they are currently reviewing the incident.

A powerful tool emerges amid conflict - a weapon that shapes the course of battle and leaves a lasting impact. Its destructive force knows no bounds, as it becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This instrument of war holds the potential to alter the fate of nations and the lives of countless individuals. Its significance cannot.

In a statement on Friday, Martin Griffiths, the UN's emergency relief coordinator, expressed his concern over the incidents of Israeli forces shooting at Palestinians who are desperately searching for food. He emphasised that such actions cannot be tolerated any longer.

In a post on X, he expressed his belief that no one should lose their life while striving to provide for their loved ones.

Ensuring that aid distribution in Gaza is carried out with utmost safety, dignity, and predictability is crucial. It is unacceptable to settle for anything less. "The war must come to an end."

According to Shaina Low, a communications adviser for the Norwegian Refugee Council, the continuous killings of aid seekers indicate a breakdown in communication between aid groups and Israeli authorities.

"The failure of the de-confliction system, which is designed to facilitate communication between humanitarian agencies, the UN, and Israel, is evident," she stated in an interview with Al Jazeera. She emphasised that this system is crucial for aid agencies to notify Israel of their planned routes to avoid being mistakenly targeted.

"This is a preventable issue that should not occur," Low emphasised.

According to rights groups, there are allegations that Israel is employing starvation as a tactic in its conflict with Palestinians.

As the conflict between Israel and Gaza continues into its sixth month, the United Nations has issued a warning about the dire situation in the enclave. According to their report, approximately 576,000 individuals, which accounts for a quarter of the population, are facing the imminent threat of famine. This alarming development has intensified international pressure on Israel to grant greater access to humanitarian aid.

According to UN agencies, Israel has only opened one entry point into Gaza since the war began and has implemented extensive checking procedures for trucks to pass through.

In response to Israel's obstruction of aid trucks, the international community has come up with innovative solutions. One such solution is the establishment of a sea corridor from Cyprus to the besieged Strip. Additionally, the United States has proposed the creation of a temporary jetty off Gaza's coast to bring in supplies. However, critics argue that this move is simply an attempt to divert attention from Washington's ongoing military and political support for Israel despite the looming famine and ongoing onslaught.

In a tragic incident last month, a devastating event unfolded on the coastal al-Rashid Street, southwest of Gaza City. Israeli forces took the lives of 118 individuals who were desperately seeking flour. This act of violence has sparked outrage across the globe. Despite the widespread condemnation, the attacks have regrettably persisted without any signs of abating.

According to the latest update from the Gaza Health Ministry, the number of Palestinians who have lost their lives due to Israeli attacks stands at 31,490, with an additional 73,439 individuals wounded. These figures highlight the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict in the region.

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