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Four men have been charged with an act of terrorism in connection with the Moscow attack


Four men have been charged by Russian authorities for their alleged involvement in the devastating attack on a concert hall in Moscow, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 137 lives.

They were brought into a Moscow court, with three of them blindfolded and the fourth in a wheelchair. They were all charged with committing an act of terrorism.

Friday's attack at Crocus City Hall was claimed by the Islamic State group, also known as IS, who released a video of the incident.

Russian officials have made assertions of Ukrainian involvement despite a lack of supporting evidence. Kyiv has dismissed the claim as "absurd."

The individuals were identified as Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, Saidakrami Murodali Rachabalizoda, Shamsidin Fariduni, and Muhammadsobir Fayzov.

Three individuals were captured on video being escorted by masked police into Basmanny district court in the Russian capital. Everyone seemed to be injured.

Mirzoyev and Rachabalizoda both had visible injuries, with blackened eyes and Rachabalizoda's ear heavily bandaged. It is said that his ear was partially severed during his arrest.

According to the Reuters news agency, Fariduni's face was severely swollen, and Fayzov was wheeled into court, seemingly missing an eye.

According to a court statement released on the Telegram messaging service, Mirzoyev, a Tajikistani citizen, has confessed to his guilt completely. Rachabalizoda reportedly confessed to the charges.

The court has stated that all four individuals will remain in pre-trial detention until at least 22 May.

Following a violent incident at the Crocus City Hall, located on the outskirts of Moscow, four gunmen opened fire on a crowd of approximately 6,000 concert-goers. The authorities swiftly apprehended the suspects mere hours after the attack. The assailants ignited fires that consumed the location, resulting in the roof's collapse.

According to Russian authorities, the tragic incident resulted in the loss of 137 lives and left over 100 individuals injured.

The attack was swiftly claimed by IS, who attributed it to their branch called the Islamic State in Khorasan, or IS-K, primarily active in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Graphic images of the attackers were later released. According to US officials, there is no reason to question the claim of responsibility.

Despite the lack of acknowledgement from Russian officials, they have put forward a suggestion, unsupported by evidence, that the attackers received assistance from Ukraine and were apprehended in the Bryansk region while planning to cross the border.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed the allegations. At the same time, his military intelligence directorate deemed the notion of the men attempting to cross a heavily fortified border, swarming with a significant Russian military presence, as preposterous.

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