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Everest Conquered by another Bangladeshi

by Reporter - May 19 114 Views 0 Comment

Babar Ali, hailing from Chattogram, has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully reaching the summit of Mount Everest and proudly hoisting the national flag of red and green atop the majestic peak.

Farhan Zaman, the chief coordinator of his Everest mission, has confirmed the information toTGE, stating that he successfully reached the summit at 8:30 am (Nepal time) on Sunday.

The mountaineering club, Vertical Dreamers, shared the news of the achievement on Facebook.

In a recent post, it was stated that Babar has found himself on a peak, thanks to the power of Mother Nature and the collective prayers of countless well-wishers. The base camp manager and outfit owner previously confirmed this information toTGE.

The post mentioned that Babar is currently descending towards Camp-4. Obtaining pictures from the death zone will be a challenging task, as communication with him is currently not feasible.



Journey to Everest

Babar Ali left Bangladesh for Nepal on 1 April, to embark on his Everest journey. After taking necessary preparations, he flew from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport on 4 April. From there, he began his trek to Everest base camp and reached there on 10 April.

In a press release, Vertical Dreamers said acclimatization with the altitude is a critical part of an Everest expedition. Babar undertook several climbs to adapt to the altitude. He traveled from base camp to camp-2 on 26 April and wrapped up the acclimatization phase. He then waited for favorable weather conditions.

On 14 May, Babar started his journey from the base camp and reached camp-2 within the day. After spending two nights there, he moved to camp-3 on 18 May and reached camp-4 on 19 May.

The upper part of camp-4, situated at 26,000 feet, is known as the 'death zone'. Babar resumed his climb at midnight on 18 May and reached the peak of Mount Everest at 29,032 feet by the first light of 19 May.


Physician by profession, mountaineer by hobby

Babar Ali, 33, is a physician by profession. He graduated with an MBBS from Chittagong Medical College. Leaving the medical career, he shifted his focus to travel and adventure.

Last year, he started a bi-cycle journey from Srinagar of Kashmir on 13 April and reached Kanyakumari of Tamil Nadu after one month, covering nearly 4,000 kilometers on the way. He experienced the diverse landscapes of 13 states and union territories of India during the journey.

Earlier in 2019, he walked across 64 districts of Bangladesh, with commitment for environmental protection. He documented these expeditions in his books.

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