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Dr. Yunus and four others granted labour lawsuit bail

by Reporter - May 23 106 Views 0 Comment

Four individuals, including Grameen Telecom chairman and Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus, have extended their bail periods in cases related to labour law violations filed by the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE).

The next crucial hearing in this case has been scheduled for 4 July by the court.

In a recent development, MA Awal, the Chairman of Dhaka's labour appellate tribunal, issued an order on Thursday morning. Awal, a senior district and session judge, made this significant decision.


Dr. Muhhamad Yunus made a bail plea, which the labour appellate tribunal subsequently accepted. 


On January 1st, the third labour court in Dhaka sentenced four individuals, including Dr. Yunus, to six months in prison. They were also each fined Tk 30,000. 

Three other individuals convicted in the case include Ashraful Hasan, the former managing director of Grameen Telecom, Noor Jahan Begum, a director, and Md Shahjahan.


Following the verdict, the third labour court in Dhaka granted one month of interim bail to the four individuals, including Dr. Yunus, on the condition that they file an appeal at the High Court.


A case was filed at the labour tribunal against four individuals, including Dr. Yunus, on 1 September 2021. The charges in this case were officially filed on June 6th of last year. The recording of testimonies commenced on 22 August and concluded on 9 November. The hearing of arguments in the case concluded on 24th December.


According to the grave allegations in the case, Grameen Telecom workers or employees were not given permanent positions after completing their apprenticeship, a clear violation of the Labour Act, 2006, and Labour Rules, 2015

Workers and staff members were also refused their yearly vacation days, payment in exchange for unused vacation days, or compensation for unused vacation days, worsening the violations of labour laws.


Furthermore, Grameen Telecom has yet to establish the Worker Participation Fund and Welfare Fund. In addition, it has been reported that a portion of the profit, specifically 5%, has not been allocated to the fund established by the Labour Welfare Foundation Act.

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