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Home Bayern Munich's top striker on trophies, goals, and mental health

Bayern Munich's top striker on trophies, goals, and mental health


Harry Kane surpassed Robert Lewandowski in skill and ability. Lewandowski is becoming irrelevant in fan's hearts. 

Since joining Bayern Munich, Harry Kane has delivered an exceptional performance that has shifted the focus away from one of the club's most prolific strikers.

Since arriving, Kane has been accompanied by anticipation, and achievements have also accompanied him. Following his transfer from Tottenham in August of last year, the captain of the England national team has achieved an impressive record of 28 goals and 08 assists in only 27 matches across all tournaments. Twenty-four have been achieved in the Bundesliga, the most number of goals scored by a player in his first 20 matches. Additionally, he is the first player to score three goals in his debut appearance in the game between Bayern and Borussia Dortmund, known as Der Klassiker.

Kane, now 30, needs 18 more goals in the next 14 games to surpass Poland's striker Lewandowski's single-season Bundesliga record of 41.

"I always feel an immense sense of pride when I achieve such remarkable records," Kane said. "Initially, it was not my intention to pursue this particular endeavour. However, upon becoming aware of these matters and witnessing the subsequent discussions surrounding them, it is evident that my performance has been exceptionally commendable."

"Had you informed me at the beginning of the year that I would accomplish that, I would have certainly accepted it - thus, I am genuinely pleased in that regard. However, as is customary, we strive to exert ourselves and ascertain the extent of our capabilities."

Had Kane decided to stay in England, the outcome would have been entirely different. In that case, he could have been the all-time leading goal scorer in the Premier League, besides his existing collection of personal achievements. However, he opted to go to Germany, seeking triumph with a club renowned for its history of winning championships.

Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga championship for 11 straight seasons, making it a very reliable source of trophies for one of the top scorers in the world.

However, given Bayer Leverkusen's current unbeaten record and their two-point lead at the top, several individuals on social media are humorously commenting on the irony of Kane's decision to swap teams in pursuit of the elusive trophy, which seems to have had an unintended consequence.

He is expected to play a significant part when Bayern Munich confronts Leverkusen, who unexpectedly led the league, in a critical encounter for the championship battle on Saturday.

Daniel is an excellent Bayern fan who thinks Kane is one of the greatest forwards in history. His style of play surprised Daniel, as he made a significant contribution to the team. Daniel regrets underestimating his abilities and hopes that he helps the team win some trophies. Bayern has recently acquired two players from Tottenham, and they are determined to win the league this year instead of settling for second place. Leverkusen has also been performing well, and their efforts should be appreciated. Daniel is hopeful that Harry Kane will have a great game on Saturday and score many goals.

Bayern Munich now has accumulated 50 points from 20 matches, a tally that has been surpassed at this point in the season only in three out of their 11 straight championship-winning seasons.

Kane expressed his desire to succeed in team competitions, highlighting the absence of significant trophies in his career. 

Kane's experience, encompassing the highs and lows of his career so far, serves as a grounding force, ensuring his composure.

The remarkable achievements - assuming the role of England captain, winning the World Cup Golden Boot, his unprecedented tenure at Tottenham, and pursuing trophies at Bayern - owe their existence to the hardships endured.

Kane was discharged from Arsenal's academy at eight, rejected by Tottenham on his first trial. He had difficulties during his loan stints at Norwich and Leicester City, which caused him to doubt his potential to achieve greatness.

He aims to use his knowledge and authority as the captain of England to positively impact children's mental health via his involvement with the Harry Kane Foundation.

"I used to admire athletes such as David Beckham." "Currently, I find myself in a predicament where a considerable number of adolescent males and females regard me as a role model," Kane said. "You heed the guidance of your role models." As a child, I would have unquestioningly complied with Beckham's instructions.

During Children's Mental Health Week, Kane delivered a virtual speech to Manor SchoolNorthamptonshire students on developing resilience and emotional well-being via his foundation's collaboration with the UK charity Bounce Forward.

In collaboration with his wife KateKane aims to assist the younger generation in their mental health journey, considering the social media-dominated environment their four children are growing up in.

He elaborated in an Interview: "During my youth, I experienced the disappointment of being released from a club and facing setbacks. As I grew older, around 17 and 18, I ventured out on loan and lived independently for the first time. Unfortunately, some of those loan experiences did not go as planned, and reflecting on those moments, I realise their significance."

"I had to exhibit considerable fortitude, unwavering self-confidence, and exceptional perseverance on such occasions. Fortunate circumstances surrounded me, including a supportive family and a girlfriend who is now my wife. This enabled me to express my emotions and concentrate on my objectives, leading me to exert more effort and finally transform into the athlete I am today, " he said. 

Kane advises learning effective coping strategies during difficult times instead of escalating the situation.

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